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Thinking of adding Social Media to your company’s marketing program? Orlando social media company, Next Horizon, provides some helpful tips.
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It’s dawn of a new era in social media for businesses.  It’s time to plan a social media strategy that effectively engages your followers and grows ambassadors of your brand!

Running a successful social media program for your business is not like having a personal profile.  Strategies need to be in place in order to keep your social media followers growing, engaged and enthusiastic about your brand.   When you’re considering launching a corporate social media program or trying to revive an old account, first ask yourself these critical questions:

  1. Which social media would be the best match for my target audience(s)?
  2. How much time and what resources can I allocate to ensure that we post regularly?
  3. What sort of content appeals to my audience(s) and also aligns with my business’ marketing goals?

As you ask yourself these questions, you’re also forming a foundation of a simple strategy to optimize your company’s social media program.   Let’s take a look at these popular social media platforms to decide which may work best for your business…


By default, most users 25 to 60 years old think of Facebook when they think about social media. It’s not surprising when you consider that during Q1 of 2018 it had over 2.19 billion active users. To advertise to the right crowd on Facebook, you’re able to have your ads target people who are the most likely to buy your services or products. Cost is relatively low so it’s easy to couple this with other marketing tactics. What also makes Facebook a common choice for business is the flexibility in the content you can post. You can post photos, videos, links to blogs or partner websites, and so much more! There are other benefits to be gained when running a business page on Facebook. A successful page can help you gain more web traffic, maintain everyday exposure of your business, and can get users to interact more with your company.


This social media platform is ideal for business-to-business content. By using this platform, you can connect and build relationships with key contacts in other businesses, get updates on trending topics for an industry, or recruit great new talent through the job hiring tab.  Be sure to optimize your account so other businesses and professionals can find you and your business easier on LinkedIn. Use these tips:

  • Be descriptive about your position and what your company does
  • Include links to your website & blog
  • Consider linking your company page to your personal profile.

If you’re creating a company page make sure that you have a confirmed email address, you have some connections, and your personal profile isn’t brand new. Once you meet these requirements, use the “Create a Company Page” tool in the Work tab in the navigation panel. Once set up you can start posting! Much like Facebook, LinkedIn is flexible when it comes to posting content. You have the ability to connect with your audience using videos, photos, and posts.


Now owned by parent company, Facebook, Instagram is growing in popularity among businesses. The majority of their active users are on the younger side, ranging from 18 to 34 years old. This social media platform is ideal for visual (photos and video).   If you look around at successful businesses’ profiles, you’ll notice that many are reinforcing their brand by using a common style in their photos — whether it’s a type of photography or using a particular filter or color. Along with good imagery to gain attention, businesses use unique hashtags to gain momentum in their social media campaigns.


About 40% of U.S. Twitter users are between 18 and 29 years old. Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn, or most other social media accounts, Twitter is often text-based with the new 280 character max for their “tweets”. Watch out though! Character count includes spaces, punctuation, and numbers.  Even though it’s primarily text-based, you do have the ability to post videos and photos with your tweets. Twitter also requires you to be on the ball with your posting frequency.  Successful social media campaigns are often making 5 to 10 tweets a day!  Use this as an opportunity to broadcast news or announcements, engage with your followers in fun and clever ways, or use it for proactive customer support!

Keeping up with your business’ social media program means you need to have a strategy that works with the ever-changing environment of social media and engages consumers to eventually convert them into ambassadors of your brand. If you can’t keep up, don’t go dormant! It can negatively affect your business more than having no social media program at all! Next Horizon, a local Orlando social media company, can help you! We watch social media trends closely, and will create content and ads to grow loyal ambassadors for your company!

Get your social media program rolling by contacting Orlando social media company Next Horizon today!

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