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How to be more efficient at email
Posted in Productivity & Technology on March 4, 2011 , by

Email can be quite the nightmare to manage for some of us. In-boxes can quickly get out of hand in a matter of days, taking away the convenience email is supposed to provide.  Aside from managing your mail, the use of email can also be more efficient.  Today we are going to talk about taking back control over your inbox and efficiently manage your mail.

If its not important, you shouldn’t see it

Almost, every email client has the ability to filter, organize, & junk  mail as soon as it hits your inbox. This process is normally consider to be a rule. Setup these rules to filter important from non important, thus minimizing the amount of mail your have to sift though on a day to day basis.

Avoid the fluff

When writing your emails, try to keep them short and to the point. This approach helps to save  time for both parties. You will be will be writing less, and the recipient will spend less time reading it. All important information your including should be clear and concise.

Clean is organize, is efficient, is peace of mind

Keep you inbox clean. Once an email has been read, file it away, label, or archive it. It is also OK to delete mail, unless it something you think you will would  like/need to reference later. I think we all gone to the hassle of have to crawl through 50 emails to find 1. That is a headache in the making.

Decide when to check your mail

Alot of us have a bad habbit of checking and responding to emails as soon as they arrive. This constant disruption of completing your tasks, dramatically decreases your productivity. Try checking your mail at particular times in the day, possible morning, lunch, and before end of day. With these schedules in place you’ll have large blocks of time dedicated to productive work.

The infamous subject line

The subject line is a really important part of an email. It is one of the first things the recipient sees before opening you mail. It should be informative and deliberate. The subject line can also be used to organize male for future use. For expample

Subject: NH – Project Name: I used the begining of the subject to organize me emails

In this example I used NH for Next Horizon, then place the project name after.  This can help when try to recall an email for later for the recipient and sender. If using the search, I could simply reference ” NH” & “Project Name”

Use a signature

Don’t forget to use a signature at the end of your e-mails, it should include your name, company information, contact information, website links, social networking sites. This information is reference from email more times then people think. It can also be used to promote a new website, build your social follow, or promote product /service.

Its ok to use the phone

I know this is an entry about emails, but sometimes its more efficient to just pick up the and talk to some one, rather than exchange multiple emails on one subject.

Did we leave anything out. Let us know in the comments below…

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