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60% of Americans use their phones to surf the web. Let us build a strong mobile presence for you.

Next Horizon wants business owners to know that now is the time to build a proper mobile web presence. The sooner you make the leap and gain a solid mobile web presence, the more opportunity you will have to make sales and gain loyal customers!

In 2011 of the roughly 5 billion mobile phones in the world, 25% are smart phones; in North America, that statistic is already approaching 50%. Studies have shown that most cell phone users would visit websites more frequently on their mobile devices if those websites were quick-to-load and reliable. However, the majority of companies (especially smaller and locally owned business) are not taking advantage of today’s nimble, mobile consumer.

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Why Go Mobile?

If your business does not yet have a mobile website, you are ignoring a critical market segment. With mobile Internet usage growing by 30% each year, companies that have not optimized their websites for mobile consumers will be left behind by their more mobile-savvy competitors. The mobile segment is exploding, providing consumers with the ability to instantly access, review and buy goods and services. To ensure your company’s continued success, let Next Horizon build a strong mobile presence for your customers on the move.

Reasons to Establish a strong Mobile Web Presence

Below are several important reasons why Next Horizon is a strong proponent of businesses establishing a mobile web presence:

  1. Google has a separate, and much smaller, index for mobile content, making it easier for mobile sites to rank highly. Google experienced a 500% growth in mobile searches from 2008 to 2010.
  2. One out of every five Americans is on the mobile web every day. As the percentage of mobile web users increases, businesses have the opportunity to capture this audience and preempt their competitors.
  3. Purchasing from mobile devices is on the rise and as consumer confidence increases there will be more opportunity to see via e-commerce. And consumers are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile specific websites!
  4. An optimized mobile site makes it easier for customers to navigate your site, which could be the difference between making the sale or not.
  5. Plus much more...

Let Next Horizon expand your presence to the mobile front.

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