Computer Forensics

Assess, Protect & Recover Your Technical Assets

Next Horizon can help you retrieve and evaluate electronic data that has been lost, moved or hidden, whether accidentally or on purpose.

An increasing number of court cases are being decided based on the identification, collection, preservation, examination, and analysis of computer evidence, known as computer forensics. Personal computers have become important sources of evidence in cases involving white-collar crime and fraud, as well as other illegal activities. Next Horizon’s computer forensics team possesses the knowledge and expertise to retrieve and evaluate electronic data that may affect your company in a legal case, or that has been lost, moved or hidden, whether accidentally or on purpose.

Forensics Expertise

Harry Ellis III, Vice President of Information Technology and Senior Network Engineer at Next Horizon, received his master’s degree in computer forensics from the University of Central Florida and is an expert in the tools and techniques used to extract computer evidence that is admissible in court.

Recovered Data Sources

Next Horizon’s computer forensics engineers are trained to recover data from many sources including computer hard drives, USB flash drives/memory sticks, storage taps and many other devices. Any data evidence stored in the form of magnetically encoded information may be recoverable. Contact Next Horizon today to discuss how our computer forensics services can help recover important computer data.

Web Development

Our computer forensics expertise can assist you in such situations as:

  1. Investigating unlawful employee activity
  2. Fraud and white collar crime
  3. General employment and commercial litigation
  4. Appropriation of trade/industry secrets
  5. Website visit logs/Internet cache examination
  6. Password recovery/removal
  7. Data Recovery
  8. Email searches
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