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Internet Marketing is all about prominence and placement on the internet. Because you want your customers to find you FIRST (not your competitors), it is extremely important to have the highest ranking possible on search engines. Next Horizon has developed formulas to make your ranking higher by optimizing your website for search engines; this way, your pictures and your text will be more relevant for what you want people to search for, allowing the search engines to rank you higher. Our Orlando SEO Team will be like ninja’s fighting on your behalf – we stealthily attack the internet with our SEO game plan and achieve the top rankings you need for success!

Our “SEO Team” will be like ninjas
stealthily attacking the Internet with our SEO game plan to achieve top rankings!

Why Choose Us?

Since a complex algorithm determines how search engines list the results for any given search term or phrase, SEO is not a service or process that can produce significant results in a short turnaround. Though the exact algorithm is a very well guarded secret, the Next Horizon SEO team knows many of its most important aspects and components.

Internet Marketing through Search Engine Optimization

Due to the complexity of Google, Yahoo, or Bing algorithms, and the endless sea of websites and web content on the Internet, SEO is a long term proposition. How long the process takes to reach consistent visibility in search results is determined by the methods, strategies, priorities and ongoing efforts made by Next Horizon on your behalf. While SEO it is a long term, ongoing effort, the benefits are huge – clients can receive visibility at the exact moment in time that a potential customer is searching for you!

Next Horizon employs the strategies that are essential in successful SEO. From the outset, it is important to understand that SEO is a dynamic, moving target because search engine algorithms constantly change with varying degrees of frequency and significance. It is our job to stay on top of these changes on behalf of our customers!

Pay Per Click

Internet Marketing through AdWords Pay-per-click

Next Horizon offers Pay Per Click (PPC) management whereby clients pay for rankings. Basically, every time someone clicks on your site, you will be charged a minimal fee.

tealthily attacki

Since not every client has the same needs and budgets fluctuate over time, we believe in customizing a PPC strategy specifically for you. A few of the factors that are taken into consideration by Next Horizon when designing your PPC program are keyword analysis, email reporting, campaign analysis, and PPC bid management.

Internet Marketing through AdWords Pay-per-click

In the final analysis, talk is cheap and it’s results that matter. With Next Horizon’s PPC management program, we get results and back up those results with the numbers that prove them!

Social Media

Social media is everywhere, growing and taking on many forms ranging from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and blogs. But how can social media be applied to business? Next Horizon can help your business devise a social media plan, and offers the following five quick ways to incorporate social media into your business strategy:

Social Media interaction through Facebook

Start off small and create a profile page for the company, place some basic information and link to it from your site. Invite customers and colleagues to become fans. Then as you start to grow you can add new content in the form of new product information, upcoming events, and industry related content. We can create your Facebook page and help you create content each month.

Social Media interaction through Twitter

Twitter allows you to let your customers know what is going on with your company in real time. You can stream Tweets from Twitter to your Facebook or LinkedIn account and even to your own website. Use your tweets to let customers know about a new promotion or sale, announcements for new products and services, and any relevant information you think the customer would want to know now.

Social Media interaction through LinkIn

This site is more of a community for professionals and businesses that exchange information, ideas and opportunities. You can easily connect with past and present colleagues and network with other business professionals who can become a potential costumer, exchange advice, and make introductions to other professionals. Networking on LinkedIn is also a great way to receive referral traffic to your website.

Social Media interaction through YouTube

Who doesn’t like to watch videos? YouTube is one of the highest trafficked sites on the Web, allowing billions of people to discover, watch and share originally-created videos. Creating a YouTube account is free and once you have an account you can start posting videos relevant to your company and industry, or something that sparks interest in a product or service.

Create a Blog

Business blogs provide your business the opportunity to share your company’s knowledge and experience with a larger audience. Blog software is easy to use and simple for anyone to write their thoughts, link to resources and share information about their company. Blogging is also an affordable solution to gaining higher search engine rankings, because search engines feed off of content.

There are many other social media sites and options that could be added to this list, but these are currently the strongest, easiest and most affordable options when it comes to branching out into the social media universe. Next Horizon can get you started and help you navigate the crazy, dynamic and ever-changing world of social media!

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