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Night Lite Pediatrics


Night Lite Pediatrics Urgent Care has been working with Next Horizon for a few years. We were drawn to work with them because of their staff’s commitment to customer service and industry expertise. Next Horizon has gone above and beyond the call of duty and provides excellent customer support at every level; from sales, support, and industry knowledge.

What we appreciate most is the time they take to really understand our business and how to best use that information to grow our results and customers, but most importantly to give consumers the information they really need. This resulted in a great website that is easy to use, efficient and user friendly. Not to mention the positive feedback from our patients about how great it looks! The one-on-one training and ongoing support is second to none.

Thank you Next Horizon for being such a valuable part of helping our business grow.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Florida Chartered Insurance Group (FCIG)


It has been my great privilege and honor to professionally know Harry Ellis of Next Horizon. Next Horizon is an exceptional, professional, talented organization consistently performing above and beyond the expectations of my "contractual agreement". The service provided is more than adequate - it's superior.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Florida Unlimited Incentives


I’d like to thank you for all your hard work. You took my vision and made it a reality and then some! The design is fabulous! Your creativity and flexibility are really appreciated. I know you had to think outside of your comfort zone at times and you managed beautifully. You definitely have made this experience enjoyable instead of the daunting task I thought it would be. Again, thank you so much!

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Mathews Associates Inc.


I am the owner of a manufacturing facility with about 40 or so computers all networked together. The tasks of keeping the computers up and running correctly became a very complicated and time consuming project for us to do in house. I evaluated several IT providers and selected Next Horizon. The decision to go with Next Horizon has proven to be a very good one. Not only did they do what they said they would do in the beginning, they have continued to meet my high expectation for performance.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

RL Haines Inc.


“We're excited to partner with Next Horizon on the re-brand of our web site, not only due to their outstanding service and experience, but also due in part to the fact that they are an outstanding supporter of the local community, which means a lot to us. As strong supporters of Making the Difference Outreach, as well as other Seminole County non-profits, reputations played a large part for us in selecting a partner and we're proud to do so with Next Horizon.”

Services provided by Next Horizon:

NeoMetrix Technologies


“We now receive several hundred new visitors per month and new sales leads via e-mail daily. The new sales generated by our site more than paid for the redesign expenditure within the first month. We also spend less now on Next Horizon’s SEO services than we were spending on Google “Pay per Click” ads, with better results.”

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Premiere Show Group


“We’ve been working with Next Horizon for a year and we are their biggest fans! For the past ten years, we’ve worked with various web developers and IT companies in the Orlando area, which cannot touch the level of customer service and integrity that Next Horizon offers.”

Services provided by Next Horizon:



Please accept this letter as a formal recommendation for Next Horizon. My professional relationship with Mr. Ellis extends back some ten years and he as been an integral part of several businesses I have run with regard to telecommunications; hardware/software implementation; and web design development and hosting. Next Horizon’s technical expertise has saved my organizations thousands of dollars and labor hours. Moreover, the applications they have implemented have transformed several of my businesses. I submit that any of the four businesses they have helped administer would not have prospered in any meaningful way without their efforts.

I will highlight some of Next Horizon’s accomplishments with my organization(s):

2000:Next Horizon diagnosed a French operation, which had taken over control of my network (the prior administrators were unable to diagnose the situation… we were up and running again twenty-four hours after their intervention)

2004: Implementation of IT and telecommunications across four retail offices

2004: Design and management of cross-functional web platform

2006: Re-design of traffic safety web portal (necessary to stay viable in the market… design concept kept the operation in business)

The purpose of this correspondence is not just to herald their technical abilities but also to advise that the company’s character is the real heart of the matter. In all of my dealings with Next Horizon they have always applied themselves to the tasks as though their efforts were applied to their own business. I find a rare selflessness in their approach to business that is uncommon and refreshing. They are perfectionist in the sense that they are always willing to take the time to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Memory Makin Guides


"I do have to tell you that it seems not a day goes by that we are not getting an email inquiry or a phone call from people viewing our web site.

That means Next Horizon is doing a great job!! You are the first hosting company that we've had that has done a terrific job with our web site and everyone should be congratulated!"

Services provided by Next Horizon:

The Digital Print Store


Dear Account Executive,

Please pass on this note of thanks to Next Horizon, with regards to the fantastic work they have done on our website.

Next Horizon worked efficiently and patiently alongside our company, to help create and launch our first website within 7 working days.

We hope you have had the chance to look at www.thedigitalprintstore.com since its launch - the design flair is fantastic!

Also, Melissa and I would like to thank you for your advice and guidance during our initial meeting. Not every sales lead results in a sale, but you put us at ease from the very start of our meeting, and convinced us you knew what you were doing!

We hope that we might receive a similar letter of thanks from Next Horizon in the months to come, as we pursue a working relationship together.

Please make sure that the guys (and the boss!) see this.

Many Thanks

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Protocol Services Inc.


Thank you for getting right on this for us. That was what I call excellent service, which is becoming pretty rare these days. Keep up the great service. It always pays off.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

EEI - Ekberg Enterprise


"Because of their professionalism, we know we can rely on them for the big jobs, such as building our new server, and small ones, like printer problems."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

CGA - Classic graphics/Aiken Printing Company


"I would like to thank you for the excellent service and support we have received from you during and after the installation. We had no experience with networking and the guidance that you gave us was invaluable. On another note, I firmly believe that your ability to diagnose and repair one of our Macintosh systems, as fast as you did, saved us a tremendous amount of time and money."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

White Accounting & Tax Service


"When ever I have any problems or questions, you have always known the answer and have been able to promptly get me out of any jams that I might have gotten myself into. You definitely know your product and have always been very helpful."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Spenco Inc.


"After speaking with many companies in the computer industry, we were most pleased to discover this company. Many offering their products were really not aware of what we needed now or in the future. We feel your company has served us well in both areas. With many firms, after the sale we would have been on our own. This has not been the case. We would like to thank you and your staff for your tremendous support in both hardware and software, and for your efforts in training us in the use of both."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Nurse World, Inc.


"We are a rapidly growing (2nd largest in the Orlando area) temporary nursing service and we have been using Temporary Nursing Agency (TNA) computer program for over 6 months now; and could not be more pleased. TNA is a custom designed, tried and proven program specifically designed for temporary nursing services doing both private duty and staff relief."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

City of Winter Springs


The City of Winter Springs had three IT members leave within a couple months. Next Horizon was brought on to help during the transition of the new employees. At first they began helping out with daily tasks. We then had them working on some of our bigger projects. Now we have them on schedule to perform some of our major infrastructure upgrades. All along the way their communication, technical expertise, and customer service has been top-notch. I have recommended and continue to highly recommend Next Horizon to assist with your I.T. needs.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Lake Mary Eye Care


Next Horizon has been serving our business needs for about a decade. Prior to Next Horizon, when we had a computer issue it could be days before the issue was resolved. Time is money and the money lost during these days was getting to be excessive.

Once we switched to Next Horizon, the problems we were having keeping our computers up and running began to disappear and when we did have computer problems they were resolved timely. Our IT cost did go up but the money saved from being up and running 99.9% offset the cost significantly. Do your company a favor and make the switch to Next Horizon for prompt, competent expertise in computer stuff.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Glickstein | Laval | Carris| P.A.


My name is Harvey Levitt and I am the I.T. Director for Glickstein Laval Carris, CPAs in Maitland, FL.

For the past several years we managed our domain e-mail transactions using our in-house Exchange 2003 Server. While this onsite server setup worked well for us, the maintenance and security requirements proved quite burdensome. As we are an accounting operation and computer security is not one of our core competencies, we decided, six months ago to shift these responsibilities to Harry Ellis and Y2K in Sanford, Florida.

Our experience with Y2K has been exceptional and we commend their talent and pfrofessionalism. We have has negligible down time and whenever there are an problems, usually of our own making, we receive quick responses and our questions have always been answered to our satisfaction.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

HospiTAILity Travel Club


There are 4 reasons why I chose Next Horizon to develop my website: Service, Technology, Creativity and Value.

Service: From the beginning, Mark Mathes, my sales rep, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He explained to me exactly what my site would consist of and how it would function. He listened, and brought back exactly what I was looking for in terms of technology and the look and feel of the site. He explained every step of the process and held my hand along the way. When it came to making decisions he helped me to understand what I needed to include in my site and what I didn’t, putting the customer first. It’s easy to work with a client who is technically adept, but I am not. Mark was very patient, continued to explain and made the whole process a pleasure. He did a great job and is continuing to do so.

Technology: A lot of companies can build websites, but Next Horizon includes the technology to get you noticed and keep you up and running. Their Advanced SEO and tracking systems included in their websites made a big difference in what company I chose. Their Firewall is also exceptionally strong. You can’t have a website that goes down frequently. With Next Horizon I don’t have that worry.

Creativity: A lot of web design companies only use “boiler plate” designs. That is not the case with Next Horizon. Their design team is the most creative I have ever encountered. The team made certain they understood the concept, the target market and the message that I wanted to convey. Then they worked with me to create design options. I not only liked the final design, I loved it!

Value: Next Horizon is not the cheapest website developer, but, in my opinion, they are the best value. When you consider all they bring to the table-their strong customer service, high degree of technology and a level of creativity that makes your site stand out-they are remarkably reasonably priced. You could spend a lot more and get a lot less.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

The Law Offices of Daniel F. Dill


“The folks at Next Horizon have been very easy to deal with and very attentive to all of our needs in a timely fashion.”

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Heritage First Capital & Equity Research Group


My positive experiences with Next Horizon over nearly three years has started and continued because of one individual, your sales representative Mark Mathes.

His persistence and professional concern has helped promote my business through Next Horizon’s top quality IT and design services, leading directly to my greater confidence in always utilizing your talented people for my continuing internet site needs.

Because of Mr. Mathes, Next Horizon is not just another vendor but a valued business friend who I can count on, as well as a more reliable partner for all my financial site update demands.

Due to the on-going encouragement of Mark Mathes, I plan on expanding my use of Next Horizon’s services in the year ahead, which should include both long-term hosting services and the complete new design and site creation for of two of the company’s financial domains.

All of us Heritage First Capital appreciate what Next Horizon adds to our corporate success and look forward to doing even more business together in 2012.

Services provided by Next Horizon:



Let me start with this. Your team is a joy to work with. From the inception of our change over to the minor questions that crop up from time to time, you always go aboave and beyond to help us out even to this day.

I have and will continue to recommend Next Horizon to anyone that is looking for a host that will help in making thier company a presence on the web.

Services provided by Next Horizon:

TJS, Inc


"I wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for your continued support in many aspects of our business."

"As you are aware, our company is growing rapidly and your assistance has allowed us to implement an infrastructure that will respond to this growth. The design team at Next Horizon has worked diligently and responsively to our concepts. Our web site has become an invaluable resource to our company and is accessed daily by our customers all over the world."

"Your very reliable Web Hosting services allow our company to conduct e-commerce and transactions worldwide. This is our main vehicle to these market places and is crucial in our daily operations."

"Your prompt response when we require new hardware installation and configuration is sincerely appreciated. Our system downtime has all but been eliminated and I attribute this directly to your company’s support and suggestions."

"On behalf of everyone at TJS, Inc., thank you for your support and I look forward to our continued relationship."

Services provided by Next Horizon:



I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciate to the staff of Next Horizon for my new website www.bioslife-2.net.

When I first met with Pete Muscello with Next Horizon about my new site, I told him I wanted a professional but warm and friendly image. I also wanted to incorporate a little of my background and convey that I am someone of integrity.

Pete worked with Javan Berry, my webmaster, to create this awesome site! I have been sending people to the site and they have all remarked about how professional the site is. This is very important to me because I am building an international organization. One of my Unicity team members remarked that my site was much better than the company site. It doesn’t get any better than that!

This is the first phase of the site; the site is a work in progress. We will be adding products and testimonials as we go along. Pete and Javan are continuing to make the site better and better.

I can't tell you how pleased I am with Next Horizon.

If you would like to contact me for further information, please feel free to do so. My toll free number is 1-888-239-5497

Services provided by Next Horizon:

L & M Bass Guide Service


"The site looks great, It looks super, I know now I made the right decision going with you guys, what a hell of a job!"

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Stockdale Inc.


"Stockdale has found this company to be knowledgeable of all aspects of computers, including but not limited to: sales of new equipment, installation of new equipment, repair and troubleshooting existing equipment and upgrading equipment as needed."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Coral Springs Cardiology Associates


"Have found his work in the field of computers to be of exceptional quality. Mr. Ellis's company has worked on our system and has enabled us to operate in a superior way."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

W.B. Strange P.A.


"We have purchased both hardware and software from this company for a period of time and they have provided excellent support."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

Thomas J. Risalvato P.A. - Certified Public Accountant


"Thank you very much for your time, patience and prompt attention to our emergency last week. I would highly recommend you to anyone."

Services provided by Next Horizon:

A-1 Dahill Moving & Storage


"We are extremely pleased with the computer software you created exclusively for our needs. We have found that by creating a package specifically for our use, you have eliminated the problem of adapting another package to our specifications and the attendant problems that occur."

Services provided by Next Horizon: