Our History
Making Sense For Over 30 Years

1982 - Ellis & Associates is Created.

Harry Ellis JR opens Ellis & Associates Focusing on Mainframe and Terminal computing.

1998 - Y2K Rebranding.

Harry Ellis JR along with Harry Ellis III rebrand the company in preparation for y2k compliance and start Y2k Services. Inc. A custom programming and development firm.

2001 - Next Horizon is Born.

Harry Ellis JR and Harry Ellis III rebrand Y2k Service, inc. to Doing Business as Next Horizon Networking and Technology.

2005 - Dell, Sonicwall, Cisco, Intel & Microsoft Partnerships.

Next Horizon establishes partnerships with Leading manufactures, Dell, Sonicwall, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft.


Next Horizon Designed its 300th web site.

2008 - Internet Marketing That Makes Sense.

Next Horizon added Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Management to their services

2010 - Lockheed Martine Missiles and Fire Control Deal.

Harry Ellis III lands a major deal with Lockheed Martin Missles and Fire Control communications department to provide Programming and Web design services.

2011 - Most Influental Businessmen.

Harry Ellis III was nominated by Orlando Busniess Jounal for being one of the most influential businessmen of 2011.

2012 - Next Horizon's Cloud Computing Goes Public.

Next Horizon publicly rolls out their cloud computing network and converts 20 customers on opening day to the cloud computing model.

Harry Ellis JR converts Ellis & Associates focus and opens one of the first Computer Retail Stores and Repair Centers in Central Florida.

1991 - Computer Retail Opening.

Harry Ellis JR lands first major deal with Diebold ATM manufacture to upgrade all of the southeast region ATM machines to y2k compliance.

1999 - Diebold ATM Deal.

Next Horizon created their first Ecommerce store for online purchasing.

2004 - Online Shopping That Makes Sense.

Next Horizon Hired its 10th fulltime employee.

2006 - Growing Strong.

Next Horizon Launched its first mobile website/ application.

2008 - Next Horizon Invades Mobile Market.

Next Horizon has achieved a 98.5% customer retention for their products and services

2009 - Complete Customer Satisfaction.

Next Horizon Launches an E-ticketing and mobile scanning applications for Premiere shows at the Orlando Convention Center.

2010 - Premiere Shows mobile app.

Harry Ellis III designs and implaments Next Horizon’s Cloud Computing Network.

2011 - Welcome to the Cloud.

Harry Ellis III recieves Orlando Busniess Jounal ‘s CIO of the year award.

2012 - CIO of the Year.

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